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About Us

We Are Leading Companies To The Future

 Al Mayasm Trading Company was established in 1999 with commercial registration number (1617117) by Mr.Salim Hamed Saleem Al Dawudi. Its headquarters were initially located in Ruwi, Oman. The company began its operations by selling food products and expanded in its second year to include office supplies printing services. It secured contracts with the Ministry of Justice and several Omani companies. In 2001, the company added sales and repair of computer devices and started operating in AL Hamriyah, Mutrah.

In 2002, the company ventured into selling art pieces and contracted with 15 Iraqi artists. It also partnered with Ali Al Iraqi Store, located in Mecca Mall, Jordan. The company imported commercial art packages at a rate of 1000 parcels per month, with the main store located in Al Hamriyah, Mutrah. The company further expanded its operations by opening a branch for selling food products in Haillat Al Yousuf, Seeb.

In 2009, the company acquired stakes in the “Al Fajar Al Moshriq” Trading and Contracting Establishment, which was established in 2005. It began engaging in construction contracting, and its notable projects include the public meeting center in “Wad” Village, funded by the Suhail Saud Bahwan Charitable Foundation, with a capacity of over 850 people. Additionally, it involved the restoration of the Eftaa Council in Sur and the construction of the Mibam Village Council in the Taywiyah constituency. It also constructed protective concrete for a mosque in Wad Village, Sur. The company has built several residential and commercial buildings in the Muscat Governorate and continues to engage in construction activities.

Furthermore, in 2019, Al Mayasm Trading Company acquired 24% of Orbit Company’s shares, which operates in the Maritime Inspection, Logistics Field and Claims Survey, with its main office located in Al Khuwair, Wilayat Boushar. In 2021, amidst the global pandemic and economic recession, the company demonstrated astute management and fully acquired the shares of “The Legend Of The Crescent” establishment, which operates in the restaurant and cafe industry and is headquartered in Ruwi.

In 2022, in March, the company acquired 25% shares in the “Specialized Music Center”, which is managed and supervised by a group of Syrian and Omani artists and is located in Al Khoud, Seeb. Additionally, it purchased 25% of the shares of ”Odeur Perfumes”, which is involved in the manufacturing and sale of perfumes under the exclusive supervision of Omani hands.

Al Mayasm Trading Company’s management policy has played a direct and effective role in promoting Omani products, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, encouraging investment, attracting investors to the Omani market, and diversifying imports. The company currently has over 7 investors from different nationalities, including Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and Bahrain. These investors work in various institutions owned by the company or hold investment shares. There is also a clear long-term economic vision to improve performance and seek sustainable cooperation with regional and global markets.

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Board of Directors

  • Chairman of Board of Directors: Salim Hamed Saleem Al Dawudi.
  • Vice Chairman: Ahmad Salim Amur Al Dawadi.

Members of the Board of Directors:

  1. Hamed Salim Hamed Al Dawoodi.
  2. Abdul Wadud Salim Aamir Al Dawudi.
  3. Hamza Adil Ali.
  4. Hussain Kasim Salih Arasheed.
  5. Najah Hassan Hussein Alfarrai.
  6. Hashim Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim.
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